Highland Park Tennis Club

Tennis - You're Gonna Love It

Tennis in the Pittsburgh area is the Highland Park Tennis Club

Don't be a couch potato

Don't be a couch potato

Play some tennis

Get out and play tennis in Pittsburgh. The Highland Park Tennis Club has tournaments, events, parties.

Yearly Tournaments

Tennis Tournaments

Bob O'Connor

Mid Summer Classic

Wrap Up Tournament

Yearly Spring Tennis Party

Each year we organize a tennis party at a local club. Last year it was at Alpha Tennis and Fitness in Harmarville.

HPTC Award

In 2009, HPTC won the USTA Middles States section “Community Tennis Association and the USTA Allegheny Mountain District “Organization of the Year 2009”.

Current Events

What's Happening Right Now

Free Tennis Clinics

Every year the Highland Park Tennis club offers free clinics with instruction from professional tennis instructors.

Bob GIbb's Tbums Court Website

Bob Gibb's has had his website for many years promoting tennis in Pittsburgh.

Current Event

The Bob O'Connor Classic Tennis Tournament is currently being played at the Stanton Avenue courts in Pittsburgh. Starts June 15th and ends June 22nd.

About us

The people that make all this possible

Dana Costa


Fred Crawford


Rajeeta Bazaz

Recording Secretary

Carmen Filloy

Corresponding Secretary

Bob Gibbs

Membership Director

Ernie Bey

Sargent at Arms

Jen Roth


Lynn Epstein


Rob Kemp





Enjoy playing tennis. It's a sport of a lifetime.




You will laugh and have fun at our many parties and events.




Tennis - You're gonna love it!

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Looking for some tennis? Just drop by the courts on Stanton Avenue just about anytime.

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